zero percent luck 100 percent blessed so yea im ready to be put to the test. cuz all of what yall saying aint comparing to the rest..rst on that when u rest in P.I.C

i can cry a mile. then hide it with a smile.
i can open up. to you with my love
i will ride along.. until the wheels fall off
i could show no pain all day. if thats what you want
But i cant…XXX(i can’t)XXX make a promise. im not sure to keep..
XXX(I Can’t)XXX break a promise because its true to me

i wanna thank god for making me the one that i am. cuz without him. i dont kno where i would stand

thank you for the pain. i am honored. you chose me to be stronger
and i thank you for the lies that you told me
because without them. i would feel lonely
need you to hold me
not thinking clearly
but its just me.. at night dont need no one ..besiiiiiide. meee

at night in bed missin somone i never knew..
that person is you

Lyrics.. Iggy

baby pick up your walls. you say it is over but who really knows
Baby pick up your jaw. you cant be suprised with who you really are..
cuz we all know. we all know. we all know….. your not who you say you are….your a heart breaker………….

love on fire

ooooooh this love is on fire..

and oooooooh. i cant help my desire.

i waaaaant you, to know that i love you

…but ooooooh. my heart is on fire.

you cant hurt much as i am..

ooh im tired of crying….

theire is no more trying.

im dont want your lies and..

we need to try fyling , away from this world. im not that type of girl. too hold back. but im trying.

trying to love you.

as much as i can do


Lyric moment

i actually had the best day

it just ended in the worst way.

i never thought that i would see the day

when you turned around and walk away

but hey. maybe you;ll be back some day

or aleast on your way to a better place.

how did i let you determine my way

now im left with nothing to say..




its alright

its ok

we’ll be fine.

aslong as we’re together.

we’re gonna love

we’re gonna fight.

but thats alright

cuz we’ll always need each other.


have you ever loved someone so muchit hurt

and everytime you think about him it burns

have you ever loved someone so much

that you cant imagine what it’d be like

well ive loved someone so much

and i know exactly what it’s like.

it hurts

and i.i.i.iii dont ever wanna ever be in love again

i.i.iiiii cant imagine who id the with no companion

someone to be my friend

someone to love again.

someone who will never leave me. over and over again.

have you ever loved someone so much it hurt. supposed to feel good inside but it burns.

have you ever loved someone so much it hurt,